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Perfect Vision – The Intrawest Story

Intrawest, simply put, is the world leader in destination resorts and adventure travel. And what sets Intrawest apart is its incredible ability to create places where amazing experiences happen—unique, memorable, body-and-soul satisfying experiences. Places where families grow together instead of drift apart. Places easy to come back to; but hard to leave. And, most importantly, places that speak to the child in each of us. Places like Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

When Intrawest first journeyed up the Mountain in 1995, they recognized the appeals of southern snow in a place that was forever wild and free. And in 1997, their “Forever Wild” vision led to the planning, design and construction of this true multi-season, mountaintop resort village, and a celebration of wilderness adventure on and around the mountain. The success of that vision, along with every other vision Intrawest vision, has been tangible. Come touch it for yourself.

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